Havent written in awhile. Today I am angry. Just mad at the world. I didnt sleep last night for nothing. Cant sleep now. I dont want to feel this way. Greif is ugly. I miss Jacob so much my heart hurts,my head hurts, my body aches and crying just makes me feel more weak. I got answers I needed from the Dr but how did I get back to being angry...where did my peace go? God please give me strength. I want another baby so bad and I am scared. Will I be ok? Will DH be ok? Will my marriage be ok? So many new questions but no one to answer. Dear lord, Today I am hurting deep inside. My tears wont stop. Please help me get thru this grief. Tell my son I love him. Please show me a sign it will all be ok and we will come outta this storm. Amen


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